Medianism: Median versus Average

Always remember, you can drown in a lake with an average depth of six inches. Continue reading “Medianism: Median versus Average”


Medianism: The world’s newest ism

In case you had not noticed there are a lot of isms around. There is agnosticism, anarchism, atheism, autism, cannibalism, capitalism, communism, conformism, conservatism, cynicism, deism, embolism, exhibitionism, exorcism, fascism, feminism, Gnosticism, humanitarianism, Judaism, liberalism, libertarianism, Marxism, magnetism, materialism, monarchism, nationalism, organism, optimism, papism, patriotism, pessimism, phallocentrism, pragmatism, prism, rheumatism, scepticism, schism, socialism, theism, Trotskyism, Zionism and Zoroastrianism to name but a few. Continue reading “Medianism: The world’s newest ism”

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