Does God exist?

Elon Musk believes we’re probably living in a video game.

I do not know whether some being or entity that created the universe exists. What is more, I don’t ever expect to know. I don’t believe the human race will ever know.

In fact the question “does God exist?” is meaningless. Unless he reveals himself to us in some way how can we ever know? The claims of deluded theists notwithstanding, so far at least he’s chosen to remain hidden.

Am I correct in using the masculine pronoun? Maybe the creator is female or maybe “it” doesn’t have a gender. Maybe the universe was created by a committee in which case I should use some sort of collective noun. However, using the masculine pronoun seems to be the norm in English when referring to the creator of the universe so I’ll stick with that.

An Oxford philosopher, Nick Bostrom, suggested we’re not real, we’re components of some computer simulation. Maybe our creator is Gordon Geek and we’re his computer science homework. As I’ve noted one prominent proponent of this view is Elon Musk, entrepreneur and inventor.  He believes we’re living in a video game.

Do I really believe that?

No not really but, still, I hope Gordon Geek he isn’t running this sim on one of Samsung’s exploding phones.

Even if we knew the answer what would it mean? Does it mean any of the world’s religions are true? The existence of a creator would not in and of itself demonstrate the truth of any religion.

If the creator had a purpose are we the main feature or some off-Broadway sideshow? Maybe we’re an unintended consequence of a creation whose purpose is beyond our imagination.

You’d be right in guessing that on the question of the existence of a creator I’m agnostic.

But in another sense I’m an atheist. To me it is self-evident that the existence of Yahweh, Allah, or the Christian “three in one” God who supposedly incarnated as an itinerant Jewish preacher 2,000 years ago is, to say the least, wildly improbable.  If the universe has a creator I’m as certain as it is possible for me to be about anything that he has nothing to do with these grotesque creations of human imagination. Gordon Geek (may his batteries be kept fully charged) who created us as part of a simulation seems to me to be many order of magnitude more probable than the outlandish trio of Gods spawned by the Abrahamic” religions.

In summary:

Does the universe have a creator?

I don’t know and I don’t ever expect to know.

If this creator exists does he / she / it / they have anything to do with an human notion of God or any human holy books?



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